Hall of fame

Previous winners Grote Steeple-Chase of Flanders

  Year         Horse                                         Jockey                                          Owner
1887 RedPath
1888 RedPath
1889 RedPath
1892 RedPath
1893 RedPath
1895 RedPath
1896 RedPath
1922 Ortie Van de Poele
1924 Ortie Van de Poele
1962 Misti de Peste Voss
1963 Dominico R. Couétil Couétil
1964 Pitchaut L.Boudin Arnublier
1965 Chifropa R.Géneau van Tieghem C.
1966 Arusiato Schyts Mme Borel
1967 Baladin Follett Desimp
1968 Saigon Légnin Couétil
1969 Ramses IV Fruies G. Couétil
1970 Vent du Nord Faillot D. Couétil J.
1971 Tanneguy Cherruau R. Chaignon R.
1972 Baroud Il Bouteloup R. Laguerre A.
1973 Maji Temmerman R. Camino S.
1974 Kildagin Sutherne J. Pilkinton T.
1975 Kildagin Sutherne J. Pilkinton T.
1976 Artimon II Cpt. Marlin B. Mme de Noalles
1977 Esnerac Gabard J.C. Mme Cornee C.
1978 Gottland Bouteloup R. Chevrollier R.
1979 Indore II Jouenne A. Mme Chaignon
1980 Castaplume Godefroy M. Carteaud M.
1981 Huggy Kazmierczak A. Van Landschoot A.
1982 Castaplume Donlores R. Carteaud M.
1983 Piggly Wiggly Bouteloup R. Kemseke Walter
1984 Jeroboam II Louveau A. Mme Ambroise R.
1985 Rosy Silver Fauliau M. Petitpas P.H.
1986 Kif Blois Henri Mme Chaignon Roger
1987 Nizami Moression M. Chaignon Roger
1988 Nikel III Bigot P. Mme Chapdelaine J.
1989 [Le Calin Smeulders F. Lemiale H.
1990 Noubatous Louveau A. Barenton A.
1991 Dakhla Lemartinel E. Ecurie Cheval Atlantique
1992 Tamoure II Daireaux J.P. Daireaux J.P.
1993 Umea IV Lemartinel E. Augonnet Y.
1994 Limonaire Sourzac Ph. Lelièvre J.L.
1995 Vaddyto Maussion Michel Chaignon Gilles
1996 Beau Noir Blois Henri Fertillet Loic
1997 Nommeo Potier O. Fertillet Yannick
1998 Beau Noir Fouchard Yannis. Fertillet Loic
1999 Geelong Desoutter D. Bordes E.
2000 Grailoorn de Mee Berra David Cohen C.
2001 Galapagos Guiheneuf J. Peltier Philippe
2002 Repere Guiheneuf J. Peltier Philippe
2003 Herculanum Milliere N. Van Landschoot J.
2004 The top Guiheneuf J. Lepage D.
2005 Gael D’angron Hondier X. Huyck D. / Van Mele
2006 Yalsadam Porcher S. Leray Eric
2007 Kan Nejd Terrien Hubert Guido Verkindere
2008 Royal Verrie Berra David Peltier Philippe
2009 Ocean D’or Blais A. Leray Eric
2010 Alpha Speed Juteau Stephan Follain Jérôme
2011 Royal Fou Marc-Antoine Dragon Patrick Quinton (Ecurie des Dunes)
2012 Martalin Jérome Zuliani Patrick Quinton (Ecurie des Dunes)
2013 Martalin Jérome Zuliani Patrick Quinton (Ecurie des Dunes)
2014 Royal Fou Jordan Duchêne Patrick Quinton (Ecurie des Dunes)
2015 Taupin Rochelais Thomas Beaurain Patrick Quinton (Ecurie des Dunes)
2016 Taupin Rochelais Thomas Beaurain Patrick Quinton (Ecurie des Dunes)
2017 Taupin Rochelais Thomas Beaurain Patrick Quinton (Ecurie des Dunes)
2018 Taupin Rochelais Thomas Beaurain Patrick Quinton (Ecurie des Dunes)
2019 Van Gogh du Granit David Noonan Fergus G. Wilson

Waregem Koerse 2023

Tuesday 31 August 2021

Waregem Koerse renews sustainably

Top sport with a view to the future: TOGETHER !

With 175 years of Waregem Koerse, last year there was a festive digging in the past, but Waregem Koerse also thinks ahead: TOGETHER ! In 2023, the emphasis is again on experiencing great equestrian top sport, but in a changing world, Waregem Koerse explicitly wants to contribute.
Note the date: August 29, 2023. As every year, on the last Tuesday of August, more than 35,000 fans gather at the mythical hippodrome of Waregem. This year will be no different. Do you remember the elongated scream of jockey Angelo Zuliani after he won the ING Great Steeple Chase of Flanders with his horse Polinuit last year? “That said everything about the importance and greatness of the ING Great Steeple Chase of Flanders, still the main attraction of Waregem Koerse”, emphasizes managing director Bram Vandewalle.
“Polinuit then proved that the long-standing dominance of the French success coach Patrice Quinton could indeed be broken. That’s the beauty of sports. Boundaries can be pushed. The latter is even one of our slogans this year. TOGETHER we want to push boundaries with Waregem Koerse. In that context, this year we are putting the fight against brain disorders even more in the spotlight through the 4BrainRace and under the motto ‘How do I keep my brain healthy?’. We also emphasize that more and more female drivers/jockeys are pressing their noses at the window.”


TOGETHER we also want to create a more sustainable world in different ways. For example, Waregem Koerse TOGETHER with the VDAB of Waregem integrates people into its organization and TOGETHER with the welfare house of Waregem, Waregem Koerse develops an opportunity rate ticket for people who are less fortunate today. And together with our suppliers, we organize a sustainable event. For example, drinks will be sold in reusable cups this year. TOGETHER with Locquet Power & Light, the construction will be done entirely on solar panels and batteries. And if you make a donation for 4Brain or plant a tree, you have a chance to participate in Waregem Koerse in a duo sulky!

Writing business together and memorable moments together

TOGETHER will therefore be the common thread throughout the Waregem Koerse story this year and the coming years. “Enjoying TOGETHER is paramount”, bram Vandewalle continues. “In the first instance, everyone should enjoy top sport in combination with entertainment. This is how we want to create memorable moments TOGETHER. Just about every loyal visitor has a story about his or her ‘koerse’.
Waregem Koerse is also known for ‘doing business together’. Every year, the Waregem hippodrome guarantees massive networking and doing business in a pleasant setting. And that is also the beauty of Waregem Koerse: the popular pleasure goes hand in hand with doing business.”

As every year, the health of the horses takes precedence during Waregem Koerse. “That’s why the course was adjusted. One obstacle was removed from the course. On the other hand, an extra hurdle was added to the last straight to reduce the speed. The obstacles were also replanted so that the horses can jump through better. Moreover, Waregem Koerse has been working with the University of Ghent on its own initiative for years. The UG inspects all horses. When a horse is not ‘fit to compete’, it does not appear at the start. All participating horses must also be able to prove that they have achieved good results in the last year and are therefore in good condition. Both the horses and the jockeys/drivers must also pass the doping control. And last but not least: the soil is worked very carefully to prevent it from being too soft or too hard.


Those who want to enjoy TOGETHER, push boundaries, do business, write memorable moments and create a sustainable world at Waregem Koerse on Tuesday 29 August, can buy tickets at € 24 via www.waregemkoerse.be during the first of three waves from this week.

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