Hall of fame

Previous winners Grote Steeple-chase of Flanders


Galop 2016

Prix Jacques Du Roy De Blicquy

  • 01 Gallo’s Star H.Ps. 6 A. 01 Ecurie Des Dunes/J.De Muynck P. Quinton (S) Thomas Beaurain 71 Kg
  • 02 Queyran H.Ac.12 A. 10 5.L Jean-Louis Bertin Jl. Bertin Olivier Jouin 63 Kg
  • 03 Amour Du Puy Noir H.Ps. 7 A.
  • 04 5.L Mlle Margaux Cottin P. Cottin Dylan Ubeda 68 Kg 04 Blue Pretender H.Ps. 8 A. 03 3.5 Jerome Follain J. Follain Alban Desvaux 68 Kg
  • 05 Venosc H.Aq. 7 A. 09 6.L Mme Caroline Dhooge Fx. Chevigny (S) Damien Mescam 65 Kg
  • 06 Calco H.Ps. 9 A. 08 Lon Jean-Pierre Vanden Heede C. Dondi Felix De Giles 65 Kg
  • 07 Billy Cuckoo Ire H.Ps.10 A. 07 Lon Caenepeel/Legrand Caenepeel/Legrand Kevin Herzog 66 Kg
  • 08 Coyaique Arg H.Ps.10 A. 11 Lon Thierry De Vlaminck T. De Vlaminck Maximilien Farcinade 62 Kg
  • — Starimperial H.Ps. 9 A. 02 Dirk Huyck Y. Fertillet (S) Davy Delalande 68 Kg Ar Anthemius Ire H.Ps. 8 A. 06 Ecurie Des Dunes P. Quinton (S) Rees Morgan Murphy 66 Kg Tb Vagabond Du Doubs H.Aq. 7 A. 05 Matthieu Hamon Ph. Peltier Jonathan Nattiez 67 Kg


Prix Felix De Ruyck

  • 01 Toque Rose H.Ps. 9 A. 06 Ecurie Des Dunes P. Quinton (S) Mr Thomas Guineheux 64 Kg
  • 02 Sahira De Beaumont H.Ps. 8 A. 03 6.L Pierre J. Fertillet Pj. Fertillet Mr Freddy Tett 68 Kg
  • 03 Lugano H.Ps. 7 A. 09 4.5 Eric Devos A. Le Clerc (S) Mr Guillaume Viel 65 Kg
  • 04 Solo Des Brieres H.Ps. 7 A. 02 7/4 Thierry Poche T. Poche Mr Julien Delaunay 70 Kg
  • 05 La Meloine F.Ps. 5 A. 05 4.5 Bernard Barouch A. Chaille-Chaille Mr Olivier D’ Andigne 64 Kg
  • 06 Black Pearl Tavel F.Aq. 5 A. 08 8.L Jean-Luc Pignet J. Zuliani Mr Benjamin Caron 64 Kg
  • 07 Val De Saane Ire H.Ps. 6 A. 04 Lon Dirk Huyck Y. Fertillet (S) Mr Maxime Denuault 66 Kg
  • 08 Let It Song H.Ps. 6 A. 01 Lon Jean-Pierre Vanden Heede C. Dondi Mr Gonzague Cottreau 76 Kg
  • Tb Gaone H.Ps. 7 A. 07 Walter Kemseke P. Quinton (S) Mr Sylvain Maussion 64 Kg


ING Grand Steeple Chase of  Flanders

  • 01 Taupin Rochelais H.Ps. 9 A. 01 Ecurie Des Dunes P. Quinton (S) Thomas Beaurain 68 Kg
  • 02 Varabad Du Buisson H.Aq. 7 A. 02 20l Ec. Des Dunes/P. Quinton (S) P. Quinton (S) Jordan Duchene 67 Kg
  • 03 This Is It H.Ps. 6 A. 06 7.L Mme Alain Elias De Proenca Ph. Peltier Stephane Paillard 64 Kg
  • 04 Martalin H.Ps.10 A. 04 5.L Ecurie Des Dunes P. Quinton (S) Arnold Cisel 65 Kg
  • 05 Aladin Du Chenet H.Ps. 6 A. 03 12l Benoit Costil P. Quinton (S) Olivier Jouin 66 Kg
  • 06 Tout Est La H.Ps. 9 A. 08 17l Jean-Louis Bertin Jl. Bertin Davy Delalande 62 Kg
  • Tb Gary Charm H.Ps. 8 A. 05 Fergus G. Wilson Fm. Cottin (S) Damien Mescam 64 Kg
  • Tb Vapalo H.Aq. 7 A. 07 Ecurie Centrale Fm. Cottin (S) Kevin Nabet 62 Kg


Prix Baron Casier

  • 01 Styline F.Ps. 4 A. 06 Mlle Murielle Legriffon G. Macaire (S) Bertrand Lestrade 64 Kg
  • 02 Calisco De Kerser H.Ps. 4 A. 05 11l Ecurie Des Dunes P. Quinton (S) Arnold Cisel 63 Kg
  • 03 Little Stream H.Ps. 5 A. 01 20l Ecurie Etoile N.V. G. Cherel Stephane Paillard 69 Kg
  • 04 Craic H.Ps. 5 A. 03 2.5 Dirk Huyck Pj. Fertillet Jo Audon 66 Kg
  • 05 Arouba De La Mare F.Ps. 5 A. 04 13l Ecurie Etoile N.V. J. Planque Olivier Jouin 64 Kg
  • Ar Victoire Desjy F.Ps. 4 A. 07 Jean-Pierre Vanden Heede S. Foucher Christopher Couillaud 62 Kg
  • Tb Polo Rouge H.Ps. 5 A. 02 Ecurie Des Dunes P. Quinton (S) Rees Morgan Murphy 67 Kg


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172nd Waregem Koerse

Tuesday 27 August 2019

The biggest celebration of Belgian equestrian sport is coming back, for the 172nd edition!

On Tuesday, August 27, the Hippodrome of Waregem will, once again, welcome 40,000 visitors, including 6,500 VIPs, to cheer for the national and international elite of canter and trot racing.

As part of the Crystal Cup, the European Cross-country & Steeple Chase Challenge, Waregem Koerse is one of the most prestigious horse races in Europe.

The 172nd edition of Waregem Koerse offers a lot of novelties!

For example, the event will host two extra races this year: A flat canter and the Pro-Am Horse Race For Charity, a duo race in which companies race for charity. This will bring the total of races to 10 with a total prizemoney of no less than 326,000 euros! And for the younger ones there will also be a shetland pony race this year.

With 4 victories in the ING Grand Steeple Chase of Flanders, Taupin Rochelais is already one of the most legendary horses in the history of Waregem Koerse.

This year, he will try to achieve the impossible with a fifth victory in a row. This win would bring him closer to the legendary Redpath who holds the record of 7 wins. But we are referring to pre-war history, namely 1897. Five victories nowadays could be considered as a even higher sporting achievment.

Waregem Koerse is of course more than a top sporting event. The largest equestrian event in Belgium is the ideal mix of top sport, show, networking, and a pleasant afternoon among friends. In a few words, everyone is welcome at Waregem Koerse and you will find further information and tailormade opportunities further on this website!