Hippologgia – Shared Suite offer


1st FLOOR – 2nd FLOOR – 3rd FLOOR – 4th FLOOR
299 euros + VAT per person
for: 20 30 40 50 60 70 or 80 guests

Public Relations from 1 to 8 p.m.

The VIP area ‘Hippo Loggia’ is located right next to the obstacle ‘Ierse Berm’ and offers the best view on the entire hippodrome.

A shared lodge offers you an excellent VIP opportunity for a minimum of 20 customers and clients. The shared suite clients are proposed and confirmed in mutual agreement, between you and Waregem Koerse.
We provide you and your guests with the best reception, a smooth and professional service and an unforgetable equestrian sports experience in a unique and attractive setting.
Come and enjoy one of the most prestigious Belgian events!
Your shared Suite is fully furnished by Waregem Koerse.
You will find adapted furniture, TV screens and a betting terminal.
You will receive personalized tickets.
You will receive sufficient VIP parking tickets; we provide a shuttle service until 9:00 pm.

VIP catering

Our caterer offers you an outstanding and dynamic service with

  • Champagne Laurent-Perrier
  • Selected White, Rosé and Red wines
  • Soft drinks and Stella-Pils
  • Home made FingerFood to start
  • A surprise buffet with refined cold and warm dishes
  • Desserts & Coffee


Doors open at 12.45 pm.
On Monday 26 August, you can co-personalize your shared Suite, in consultation with the other Suite clients.
Your nameplate will be created and placed to easily identify your suite.


Waregem Koerse 2022

Tuesday 31 August 2021

Waregem Koerse turns 175 – Old but also new
On Tuesday, August 30 of this year, all those who are Waregem Koerse minded gather again at the hippodrome of Waregem for Waregem Koerse. A special edition, because Waregem Koerse celebrates its 175th anniversary.

Waregem Koerse was first organized in 1847. The Kingdom of Belgium existed for less than two decades. With 175 years on the clock, Waregem Koerse is logically the oldest one-day event that is organized annually in our country. This is highlighted with a brand new poster that nods to the past.

The race originated in the center of Waregem and after a few years moved to the hippodrome where it still takes place today. From the start, the event was a success thanks to the jump over the Gaverbeek, at that time more than 5 meters wide.
A race that has also led to a lot of developments in and around Waregem with, among other things, the creation of Centrum Sport Vlaanderen, the evolution of De Club Gaverbeek with the construction of the stables, De Waregem Koerse feesten, etc.
ING Steeple Chase

This year, extra efforts will be made on (fringe) animation. Zarafa – known from Studio 100 productions, among others – will provide an extra festive experience.

But the most important thing remains of course the sporting program with again 4 obstacle races. That is even one more than last year. Waregem Koerse remains the only race in Belgium that still organizes obstacle races.
In addition to the 3 trotters and the 2 flat canter races, there is also a race for charity, the Horse Race 4Brain with the participation of Famous Flemings. With this course, the 4Brain foundation and Waregem Koerse want to draw attention to the various brain disorders and point out how you can keep the brain healthy.

Of course, the absolute apotheosis remains the ING Steeple Chase of Flanders, the race that is part of the Crystal Cup, The European Cross Country Challenge, with races in France, England, czech republic, Poland, Italy and Belgium.

175 years of Waregem Koerse is not only a moment to look back but also to look forward to the future. That is why Waregem Koerse wants to focus on sustainability in the coming years. It will use this edition to make an analysis of the event and then draw up a multi-year plan. We can no longer ignore sustainability in our society. We do not want to put it on the back burner, but we want to take a number of concrete measures this year as well. Waregem Koerse may be ‘old’, but at the same time this top event is also ‘new’.
Of course, Waregem Koerse has become what it is thanks to the annual presence of tens of thousands of people who have often become fans. To thank them for their annual presence at the hippodrome, we want to put someone special in the flowers by offering him / her the opportunity to participate in a sulky at Waregem Koerse. This person will be drawn via the Waregem Koerse birthday game. Of course it should not be the party of 1 person, but in addition there will be many other great prizes to be won such as a VIP package at Waregem Koerse, a Big Green Egg barbecue and so much more.

Tickets can be purchased from 22 May via the “Buy your tickets here” button below. Be quick: until 6 July, the ‘Early Birds’ only pay € 23 for a Weighing Place ticket. Tickets for the central square can already be purchased for € 12 and for a ticket on the seating stand you pay € 55.

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