Experience a sustainable Waregem Koerse!

At Waregem Koerse, we are committed to a sustainable future and have already taken important steps towards sustainability since 2022. We have analysed our Carbon Footprint and taken concrete initiatives in terms of environmental and social responsibility. Now we want to develop our event further and make it even more sustainable!

CO2 emissions:

This year, we are working with a specialist company to map our CO2 emissions even better.


Our construction and dismantling are done entirely on solar panels and batteries, which means that we reduce our diesel consumption by 35%. We optimize all energy points through detailed analyses of the use of diesel generators. In 2022, we installed fixed electrical cabinets, and we want to expand this further in the future.


We mandate the use of reusable cups for everyone except VIPs, who work with glass. Cardboard drink holders or plastic/PET bottles are not allowed. Our fast food products are not sold in plastic. The waste is sorted, we work together with green teams and with a specialized company for waste management. The signage is reused annually.

We mandate the use of reusable cups for everyone except VIPs, who work with glass. Cardboard drink holders or plastic/PET bottles are not allowed. Our fast food products are not sold in plastic. The waste is sorted, we work with green teams and with a specialist waste management company. The signage is reused annually.


We use 100% vacuum toilets for the general public to save 10,000s of liters of water. The water that waters the slopes is recycled rainwater. Dhemic products are not allowed. All our cleaning products are ecologically degradable.


We use electric gators. We promote public transport and the capacity during Waregem Koerse is increased. A large bicycle parking area at the hippodrome gives cyclists a special lease of life.

Social Responsibility:

We offer unemployed individuals a chance to integrate into our organizational team and gain a positive work experience.   Afterwards, we offer them a certificate with which they can start applying for jobs.

  1. We organize the Horserace 4 Brain, a race to raise awareness about brain disorders and make people aware of how to keep their brains healthy. We work together with the non-profit organization 4 Brain for this. The prize money won will be donated to 4Brain or an organization with the same mission as 4Brain.
  2. People who buy a ticket and give a donation to 4Brain have a chance to participate in the Horse Race 4Brain.
  3. In collaboration with the welfare house of Waregem, we offer a reduced rate ticket so that everyone can enjoy Waregem Koerse.
  4. People from residential care centres or people with disabilities can enjoy Waregem Koerse in a specially equipped place.
  5. Equestrian sports are one of the few sports where both men and women compete against each other. We deliberately put the female jockeys in the picture.
  6. Our merchandising products are fair trade products.


We have an internal emergency plan and closely followed safety regulations for all our employees. Collaboration with helps us monitor the weather.


At temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, we use a heat plan.


At Waregem Koerse, horse welfare is key! In 2023, we adapted the course for safety, the obstacles were replanted for the jumpability of the horses. We provide mandatory vet check-ups through independent veterinarians from the University of Ghent. Waregem Koerse is the only horse race in Belgium that organizes this. We also work together with external organisations in the context of horse welfare. Our grass surface is optimally maintained, and we carry out doping controls for both horses and jockeys.

At Waregem Koerse, we combine sustainability and social responsibility with a fantastic equestrian experience.

Jens Dendoncker puts his shoulders to the wheel of Horse 4 Brain


Tickets on sale for Waregem Koers

In just over three months, many eyes will once again be on Waregem Koerse, still the oldest one-day sporting event in our country. On Tuesday 27 August, more than 35,000 spectators will once again be able to indulge in an afternoon of trotting and canter of the highest order. Among those 35,000 people, there are also 6,000 loyal VIPs who consider Waregem Koerse an event not to be missed as the start of the autumn.



 A total spectacle with top sport and entertainment that go hand in hand, but Waregem Koerse also wants to engage socially with, among other things, the Horse Race 4Brain for charity for the fourth year in a row. Just before the ING Great Steeple Chase, a number of Famous Flemings will compete against each other in duo sulky’s with the aim of raising money for more research into brain disorders. This year’s showpiece will be presenter and comedian Jens Dendoncker, himself an occasional victim of an epileptic seizure and ambassador of the Flemish Epilepsy League.

“So I’m going to try to collect as much money as possible for the Epilepsy League during the Horse Race 4Brain,” Jens explains, “and I also want to emphasize that epilepsy is really too often underestimated, but it is not the intention that only me and epilepsy will be in the spotlight. The 4Brain project of Professor Paul Boon, among others, should receive the greatest attention. That’s about all brain disorders.” In the meantime, it has been shown that not three but even more than four out of ten people will have to deal with a brain disorder in one way or another. Waregem Koerse is very happy that Jens Dendoncker is putting his shoulders to the wheel of this project.


Revenge for Quinton?

Of course, the Horse Race 4Brain is only part of the well-filled program. From half past one to seven o’clock, a total of no less than 10 races will be run, with the ING Great Steeple Chase as the eye-catcher halfway through. Will Polinuit of the French top trainer Nicolle succeed in winning for the third time in a row and will he thus enter the gallery of the very greatest of Waregem Koerse or will that other French top trainer Patrice Quinton succeed in winning again after two years without victory flowers. The prize pool proves that Waregem Koerse is alive: no less than € 361,000! This is an increase of €83,000 compared to last year. Below is the full program.


Crystal Cup

Waregem Koerse is part of the prestigious Crystal Cup, a series of 11 races in six European countries. The challenge, with a prize pool of €815,000, starts for the second year in Waregem and ends in May 2025 in Lion d’Angers, France.



The many fans of Waregem Koerse would like to experience it from the front row and can now buy their tickets via the website If you buy now, you buy cheaper! In the first wave – from now on – you pay € 13 for the central square, € 25 for the weighing area and € 60 for the seated grandstand. Waregem Koerse will continue to focus on sustainability and environmental awareness. For example, fans with a Waregem Koerse ticket can come to Waregem by train at half the price. Shuttle buses will be waiting at Waregem station to take them to the hippodrome.


Waregem Koerse Game

Waregem Koerse GameAnd for one fan, it can get even more crazy: the winner of the Waregem Koerse Game gets to participate in the Horse Race 4Brain in a duo sulky. To have a chance to win this unique moment, fans simply participate in the Waregem Koerse game. This can be found on the website from 31 May. The winner will be announced at the beginning of August.