The government-imposed COVID-19 measures




The current Belgian Government Covid 19-measures for Waregem Koerse 2021 require that each visitor/participant/member of the participant support team is in the possession of one of the following in order to obtain access to the Waregem Koerse event site:

  • An EU Digital COVID Certificate (digital or printed) that proofs that the visitor/participant/ member of the participant support team is fully vaccinated for at least 15 days(= before 17/08/21);
  • The result of a negative PCR test. Validity: day of the test plus a maximum of 48h;
  • A certificate of recovery. Validity: 10 days from the date of the first positive PCR test up to a maximum of 180 days from the date of that first positive test;
  • The result of a negative rapid antigen test, administered by medically trained personnel. Validity: day of test plus 1 day.


If you cannot present these certificates/results upon arrival, you will be denied access to the event site.


Below you can find links with more information about the Covid Certificate in several European countries as well as links to the Covid Certificate apps in those countries.




FRANCE: TousAntiCovid


GERMANY: Die CovPass-App


IRELAND: COVID Tracker app


ITALY: Scarica Immuni


NETHERLANDS: CoronaCheck Netherlands


POLAND: Unijny Certyfikat COVID

173rd Waregem Koerse

Tuesday 31 August 2021

Waregem Koerse as planned on 31 August

Traditions do not need to be touched, even in strange Corona times like this. For a while, the rumour was that Waregem Koerse would be postponed one day to Wednesday 1 September, in the hope that more would be allowed in September.

“We have to take all possible scenarios into account in a special Corona year, but it is a tradition that Waregem Koerse takes place on the Tuesday after the last Sunday of August, so we do not want to change that”, explains general manager Bram Vandewalle. “And who knows, there may be more easing in the coming weeks.”

Arabian thoroughbreds

“We were equally certain that Waregem Koerse would be able to continue on 31 August in front of a limited audience. We are in constant contact with the government authorities, so we hope to get clarity soon about the exact measures and therefore also about the exact number of spectators. Waregem Koerse is a total experience that deserves a lot of people. All the usual ingredients will be present again. More than that, we also provide something completely new with a competition for Arabian thoroughbred horses. Waregem Koerse new look.”


A lot of attention is also paid to the charity. There are the duo races for companies again. All duos race for nice amounts that are donated to a charity that chooses a company within the broader framework of the UGent 4Brain Fund, founded by the renowned Professor Paul Boon. 4Brain researches brain disorders.

Ticket sales

It is clear that Waregem Koerse now shifts a few gears higher. “And important”, continues Bram Vandewalle, “we have been flexible. We have taken into account different scenarios. There are also new VIP formulas. Companies can welcome their guests in their own corona-free Club House, a private VIP tent, so to say.”

Of course, as many spectators as possible are also counted on on the middle square (tickets at 12 euros) and in the zone ‘weighing place’ (tickets at 25 euros), all in corona-free conditions. For tickets you can go to the website of Waregem Koerse, from next Wednesday, 16June.

“It will be a 173rd edition that many people are already looking forward to”, waregem’s mayor Kurt Vanryckeghem also enthusiastically announces. “Waregem Koerse is the annual apotheosis of a week in which Waregem is central.”